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Originally Posted by Mars View Post
Yeah, Anand use screen capture to get the pictures, they're pixel for pixel exactly what you see on the laptop.

Why would perfect upscaling be rare? Everything gets upsized by exactly 2.

Obviously upscaling doesn't look as good as true higher def image, I made that point in both of my posts.

If I grab the HWC beaver and make it 4x the size (double both horizontal and vertical, no interpolation), and place it on a 3840x2400 24" monitor that is directly beside my 1920x1200 24" monitor, it's going to look the same (same physical size, same image quality) on both monitors.

OK one last time.

The images will NOT look the same. YES they will be the same bloody "size" on the screen. BUT the upscalled one will have ONE QUARTER THE DPI / RESOLUTION. Upscalling means what was once 1 blue dot is now 4 blue dots. 1 green...4....1 red....4. It. Will. Be. Fuzzy.

Most jpgs on the net are at best 300dpi resolution. Lets make it easy and say the beaver logo is at 320dpi at 480p res. Up-scalling it will net a four times the size image but by doing so will net the equivalent of 80 dots per inch. Lossy compression means you cant just add in the "missing" details. The OS will guess...but it will be a guess. Dot size matters with images.

Once again. Either the images will look worse than they would on a normal screen OR they will be smaller. Thats. The. Only. Two. Possible. Outcomes. As. There. Is. No. Magical. Device. That. Adds. Resolution. To. Lossey. Images.
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