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It looks like Anad used screen capture to get the upscaled pictures...that takes the data from the GPU...NOT the actual screen. Lets see actual photos of websites as displayed on a the retina display.

The fact of the matter is even when dealing with PERFECT 1/2/4/6 way upscalling (which as I stated earlier will be rare)...the fact still remains that upscaling never looks good as a true higher def image. If it did we would all still be using 480p for movies...not 1080p...and simply letting our TVs "upscale" our DVDs.

Dont believe me. Heres a simple test. Grab a jpeg...say the beaver on HWC. Now make it FOUR TIMES LARGER in photoshop. IF you think that it doesnt look fuzzy around the edges you dont understand how lossy compression works. :/

Until the 'net moves to rastor or even loss-less stds upscalling images look like shite.
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