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Default need an opinon.

so basically i am checking out my local classifieds and there seems to be 2 gtx690's sealed for 650$ a pop can. I figured the poster was high and or there stolen. It seems way to good to be true as i have been on backorder since they came out. I was curious as to what i should look for when i go to take a peak at these cards. There both sealed in box. If for some reason there stolen or hot and swim was to buy them, would there still be a warranty available, also if swim bought them would the warranty be legit from the manufcaturer. Is there any telling tales these cards could be fake as shit visually i should be weary of? should i bring my workbench with me and hook the cards up myself to see if there valid. sorry for the long rant just trying to comprehend what i read on the classifieds today.
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