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Default GTX 670 vs GTX 680

So, I've currently got an Asus DCUII Top GTX 670 in its box because I ordered a Galaxy GTX 680 SOC White Edition. I'm starting to wonder if the GTX 680 is worth the $135 incremental cost, and likely, additional noise as I've been reading the GTX 670 is super quiet, especially the Asus model. The Galaxy GTX 680 I've read gets really loud past 60% fan speed.

Anyone have experience with the GTX 670 vs GTX 680, should I just cancel my GTX 680 order and stick with the 670, or should I just eat up the additional cost?

I'm running a Dell U2711, so it means 2560x1440 and playing the latest games generally (currently Max Payne 3).

Thanks to any advice you guys can provide.
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