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My System Specs


Well CPU wise it's about as strong as you can get. GPU wise there's obviously more powerful options, but for the computers target audience the 650M is more then adequate. I don't anyone is trying to pass off the MacBook pro as a gaming laptop. It's a powerful laptop that can game.

A few sweet features that were given in the product video was that in Final Cut Pro X you can have a full 1080p video playing in the editor window, while still having all your editing tools surrounding the video for full featured video editing, but being able able to view your edits in realtime still in 1080p. Also, for photographers the screen is a dream, as they have way more pixels in which to view their pics.

But the biggest awesome thing isn't for Photos or video editing. It's just the day to day use. The retina displays on smartphones have become a necessary feature for any smartphone looking to be accepted. That's simply cuz the crazy resolution makes images look so good. Everything from a simple text to a 3d game. Everything looks better at higher resolution. (except for maybe movies, sometimes I don't want to spot all the makeup and pimples on the actors face xD )
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