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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Soullessone21 View Post
My source... WORKING AT THE APPLE STORE!!! haha I work for a repair site, we mostly repair Apple and Asus in Warranty but also get Acer,Lenovo and HP warranty. The Macbook air is a great system when it has the Samsung HDD, but for the money if you get a Toshiba drive its still plenty fast and kicks the crap out of any dell, acer ,hp on the market but the drives do fail. We have seen a massive number of them fail enough that Apple has given all repair sites the ability to replace the HDD's if we see signs of failing free to the customer even out of warranty :).

This is not just apple that has this issue, The Zen book does as well, for the Zenbook its not that the drive dies its that the OS gets corrupted and a reload is needed.

I just wish they fit a normal 2.5" drive in, I know its hard with the height and size but its a lot more stable.

I in no way mean to say their product is the worst cuz in all honesty apple is my #3 company I would buy a system from and other then the top 3 I would not buy anything Else
#1 Asus -Worked with their team for years great people and love the look of all their products except the G series
#2 MSI, RMA to die for and a great all round team, and always trying to innovate and not afraid to fail
#3 Apple Kewl toys, the mac mini is great for work, very simple to use enough so that I gave both my mom and Grandma a imac each, and their loving them. I have owned about 5 macbook pro's every time I fall into the hype every time they disappoint me in power.
I guess that's a solid source :P

I just kinda assumed from the nature of your posts that you were a anti-mac fanboy, my apoligies.

I'm not all that excited about the screen... The GPU isn't strong enough to push that res in games and you can't find movies in that res anyways. Honestly Apple has great customer service and if you want to spend that kind of money on a facebook machine be my guest but when it comes to gaming and work (with the programs I use which are mostly for drawing and rendering maps) I wouldn't buy anything other than a PC.
Run your game at 1440x900, it'll look entirely native. The new macbook pro's specs are the exact same as the Alienware M14x CPU and GPU wise. It'll game pretty good. And movies will be this res soon enough. 4K TV's are coming.
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