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My System Specs

Default Retina MacBook Pro

2880x1800 display, using HiDPI tech built into OSX Lion (works the same way the retina display works on the iPhone/Pad. EG: stuff doesn't get smaller, just more detailed.)

$2200 gets you:
Quad 2.3 IVB (Can upgrade to quad 2.7)
Nvidia 650M 1 GB
8 GB DDR3L-SDRAM (up to 16 GB)
256 GB SSD (up to 768 GB)
2880x1800 Retina Display
7 Hour battery
0.71 inches thick (for reference, the macbook air is 0.68 inches thick)
4.4 lbs

Best laptop on the market in my opinion. Nothing else comes close in terms of performance for the battery life and weight. Only other laptop that comes to mind that's powerful at that form factor is Razer's Blade laptop, which is $2800.

I think it's priced pretty well, I can't see Dell, Sony, or Samsung, releasing a laptop with the same specs and selling it for any less. Apple's other non-"Retina" laptops need to get like a $200 price drop. They'd still be overpriced then, but at least somewhat closer to price ranges of other higher end laptops.
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