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My System Specs


The Prodigy will fit full tower heatsinks, so something like an NH-D14 will fit no problem assuming your motherboard allows it. No real reason to go with a C14 unless you're really worried about VRM temps. If you want to save some cash, I would go for a Scythe cooler like the Mugen 3 or Ninja 3. If you can find one, I would go for a Thermalright HR-02.

The main reason why the Asus board is $50 more expensive is because it has WAY better power delivery and an Intel NIC. (slightly better than your average NIC) The Asus board also has more/better features, but most of them are pretty unimportant for most users. I would go for the Asus board since you're using it in Saudi Arabia. (unless you have the A/C full blast all the time)

The Seasonic 460W fanless should be fine, but my main concern would be your climate. You won't have to worry about dust, but if ambient temps are really high I'd much rather have a fan. However, the Seasonic X-series is still quite capable of taking some severe abuse.
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