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My System Specs


Originally Posted by elmorejohn46 View Post
I was looking for a new power supply and finelly ended up getting the 950Watt PC Power & Cooling.It actually puts out more power then it is listed it will run at 1000watts and the peak power is 1080 ,plus I like the strong 83.4 amps on the 12v rail.I know it does'nt meet the high standards that PC Power & Cooling once had but the test show it to be within it tolerance.I know there are better ones out there but as far as I can tell this seems to a pretty good power supply without the high price.I paid $150 and it has a 7 year warranty ,I can't tell no difference from this one to my almost $300 I paid for a Cooler Master 1100 watt UCP.It has plenty of cable and they are pretty long.I know some people like modular but I did'nt really care since the new case I bought has plenty of room to hide all of them.
I would love to see scope shots of it when it starts running to its 'peak'.

That should never be a determining factor in a PSU, ever. Although OCZ and there PCP collaberation has brought some better units (finally) to the market. THere is still better..


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