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My System Specs


It really depends on your priorities. I would prefer more shiny to faster boot times.. but thats me.

That hdd isn't *bad* but it's not gonna be quite as fast as it's more modern brethren and not near as fast as an ssd.
The thing about disks is that once the data has been read.. they don't effect the performance of games.. you boot and load a game, then it's all down to the gpu cpu etc.. (apart from any load or saves in-game)

As I said.. it's personal preference.. Mine would be biggest GPU I could afford (thats not overkill for my needs) before an SSD..
So you have to weigh up whether an ssd or a bump to your gpu will give YOU the most benefit.

If you give me a link to the site you will be buying from and your budget, I'll have a look around and see if I can cut you some space.

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