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My System Specs


Very similar to UK prices... (read as rip off)

My suggestion is always to save somewhere in your build and buy the largest single card you can afford. possibly even go second hand.
I would definitely not suggest going x-fire as you will be hit and miss for which games support it and beyond that it can be a nightmare with drivers etc (hell recently AMD seem to be screwing up the drivers for single cards too)
Depending on the game. a 560 ti will trade blows with a 6870 and generally leave it behind when AA is on.

A 3570k is better clock for clock than a 2500k.. cooler and more power efficient.
The 2500k should OC a little better but until you hit the point where the 3570 can't handle the heat (and unless you want to push to the very max) it is still better.
If your set on the 2500k then drop down to either a z68 or even a P67 board.

SSD's are very expensive (though much more affordable than they used to be) for what is essentially faster boot and program load times.
I regretted buying mine instead of going for a 580 instead of a 560ti.
The speed is nice.. I just think the money is better spent on GPU if you like the shiny turned up in modern games.

As for the rest.. all looks good.. I'm personally NOT a fan of gigabyte. No experience of MSI for many years but have never had a single problem with any of the asus boards or cards I've used in my/friends builds.
If you really want the option of going dual card.. as said go for an 850 watt.. Personally I would sell a card and for a little more than a second of my old card get a new gpu with near to double performance.
If you rather go this route then a 650watt will be plenty. (and again give you more to spend on GPU.)
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