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My System Specs


Hmmm, that seems ... oddd...

Picking Canada makes a bit of difference but the price difference is really allot closer than I remembered or had realized that they had become... Apologies, Infiniti.
A 2500 is $20 cheaper than the k but the 2400 is the same price as the 2500..

Realistically unless a game is cpu dependent you will see little to no difference between any of these chips.. Hell a decent AMD chip will be hard to distinguish. (though they are much worse in other things)
The largest gains you will see in the vast majority of games will come from the GPU and not the CPU. Basically any decent quad core chip will serve you well.

Another option to get a very very very good rig would be second hand chip board ram and GPU... I've seen quite a few bargains in the BST section recently of i5's i7's etc (and with most here being enthusiasts they are very good parts)
Though obviously the BST section isn't alive at the moment.
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