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My System Specs


I have to say that that build doesn't make much sense... A H61 board with a 2500k??? Whats the point.. drop the 2500k for a 2400 or even lower as Diablo isn't really CPU bound.. put the savings into the GPU.

I would also drop the SSD totally and probably drop the HDD to a 1TB one (unless you use allot of storage)
Realistically, for the likes of Diablo 3 (and hell even BF3) a 2400 is more than enough for non enthusiasts.

The CPU cooler isn't needed but will keep your chip nice and chilly compared to the stock one.

What resolution is your monitor? (at 1080 the 7850 is enough though you will see some increase for a larger card but the spend gets much bigger for less increase)
Do you like to have all the graphics settings turned all the way to 11 or is it enough to be smooth and med-high settings?

back on the SSD, if your really bothered by boot times then get one.. if your not, then don't bother as it's allot of money for loading your os and programs a bit faster..
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