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Seems like overkill if this is purely media server, even if you have on the fly transcoding for mobile devices like Orb it is overkill. If you want to do more with your server then cool you have lots of headroom.

1) So do you want your server to act as a proxy and do internet filtering/caching or something?
2) DLNA sounds like a good idea, but just to warn you it is slow.... really really really slow at loading folders. a console, HTPC, or media device that just browses SMB will be faster.
3) Why? if you don't know what you are getting into you are asking for a world of hurt setting this up for home. The default domain setup will most likely lock you out of your desktop for anything that requires admin rights. For home and novice use almost anything else then a domain. Honestly I don't run a domain at my place because I don't need to, Home Server 2011 works fine and is lazy. But if you insist on a domain you will need to enable the guest account in server 2008, it is disabled by default. The "everyone" group does not cut it any more and give only access to your media folder. You can create a user name, but some devices might not play nicely with the login credentials for the domain. Open it wide up, test to see how everything works, then try to close it back up with a username & password and hope it works with whatever your streaming device is.
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