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Default Home Server Questions

Hello guys, I have a few questions for you since I am complete newbie at networking and setting up a server. I have put the money in, and have built myself a home server and ready to begin. Before I do this, I want some questions answered so I know what I will be capable of doing. I will list my setup so you guys have an idea of what I am working with.

For hardware, Basically it is a air cooled system using a Corsair 550D tower. It's an X58 setup, using a i7 950 quad core, 12 GB of ram and an ASUS board. I will be running Windows Server 2008 R2 but this is questionable considering my needs are purely media based.

Basically, the purpose of my server is to hold all my files so that I can be organized and not have a bunch of a different files all over the place. I want to keep important files on there and documents and have easy access to them when I need them, apart from my main desktop. It's a back up server. so here are my questions.

1. I want to know if its possible for my server computer to have access to the internet using my ISP router but be hosting an internal network at the same time using a hub or switch. What kind of hardware would I need if this is possible? and how would I connect it? My motherboard has only 1 gigabit port so maybe If I get a LAN card?

2. Is there any device on the market, or any type of configuration of a switch etc. to allow my Samsung Smart TV connect to my server and play movies off it? So for example, on my TV .. I would like to connect to my server, find my movies folder and pick a movie to play on my TV. My movies are .mkv and are about 10-12GB each since they are 720 -1080p quality. It is very important that this be done using a Wireless connection. People keep telling me to get a wire but that would mean running a wire down my stairs ... so if this can be done wirelessly I would really appreciate some advice on how to set that up!

3. Considering question 2, and setting up a Domain on R2 ... would I have to join my TV to the domain in order to access the files on the server? I know that must sound stupid, it even does to me .... but it makes me think of how my TV would access my server.

That's it for now, I know a lot of you networking guys will think I am huge idiot. That's alright, I am new to this but have the desire to learn. I will be doing a lot of research on Google but figured it would be good to also hear from experienced network users. The computer is built, and I am ready to go! so any advice would be greatly appreciated for sure. Thanks.

By the way, I will have only my main desktop connected to this server computer and if I can get the TV going that be awesome. It's really my only goal right now. I will probably expand once I learn more of the potential of this technology.

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