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Originally Posted by LarkStarr View Post
He didn't include overhead either :P

But you're right of course. Point still stands though!

We can do some more maths though! The 600 GB velociraptor has 64 MB cache. At 270 MB/s, you could empty/fill that cache in less then a quarter of a second! Without the drive's overhead, of course.

And lastly, to close this argument: Everyone knows SSD's are better as boot drive, so that relegates Raptors to storage drives. The extra price is not worth the 30 seconds you save to copy a movie to your storage drive, even more so when you probably save it there in the first place. Hence why most people have 5400 RPM storage drives and dont think twice about it.

I'm really not sure of the point of this post to be honest. SSD's are exponentially faster as boot drives, and nothing else needs any more speed then 5400 RPM, or its stored on the SSD?
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