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Thank you BlueByte ^

The question is, what are your needs? If you're backing up or reading a movie from a 'lowly' 5,400 RPM backup/green drive, you're going to have -plenty- of speed for the program to keep up with, and then some. You don't need a velociraptor in order to do this, and you can save that cash that you would spend on one and put it towards a larger drive, or multiple smaller ones for RAIDing purposes.

And for those that interface with a mechanical drive more often, the speed that you gain using a faster drive is usually unwarranted for the price cost, compared to a SSD + "green" HDD solution that would be more effective in the first place.

Also your math is off. 3 Gb/s = 384 MB/s, double that for 6 Gb/s.

If you look past your e-penis, you'll find that raptors don't really need to exist anymore, the market for them is all but done.
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