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Default Velociraptors and storage capacity and misunderstandings, oh my!

I notice that you barely hear/see anyone talk about Western Digital Raptors anymore.

They're not as fast as SSD's don't you know!

Well wait a minute... Those of you who say that, what are you backing up to? Yeah, I thought so. Lowly 1, or 2, or so terabyte conventional drives that Raptors own in virtually every single benchmark. And how many of you even use a 5,400rpm drive for backup?
Raptors pretty much beat those drives up and take their lunch money.
So why the hate?

One of the biggest reasons for the hate I think, is the general misunderstanding that people have towards the 3Gb/s older interface as well as the newest 6Gb/s interface.
"Well the Velociraptor is nowhere near tapping that out!".
Well folks this is not true at ALL.
The confusion comes from gigabit, vs. gigabyte. A 6Gb/s interface is not 6 gigabyte, it's 6 gigabit per second. And folks, that's a really huge difference.

The maximum bandwidth for the 3Gb's interface is 300MB per second. That's it.
And the newest Velociraptor has burst cache reads of almost 500MB per second. Well above the 3Gb/s maximum speeds.

Even the 6Gb/s interface at 600MB per second, is already tapped out by ssd's (which is another story altogether). Remember, the number for each of these is the maximum theoretical speeds. There is overhead involved, which brings those numbers down a bit. Rendering the 3Gb/s interface not very optimal for the latest Velociraptor drive.

In fact, OCZ has recognized these limitations, which is why they've gone to the Revo drives with pci-express interface, so that they can pump upwards of a terabyte per second on some tests.

Now of course the pricing on the smaller Velociraptors is too close to that of ssd's to make it a reasonable purchase. But once you get to the 500gb and 1tb Velociraptors, it's game on.
In fact, i'd venture to say that for most normal people who don't have tb's of movies on their backup drives, a 1tb Velociraptor drive is simply unmatchable by any other method of desktop storage for anywhere near the same price.
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