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My System Specs


First update of the day...

To freshen up your memory, this is what the front looked like once I had cut out everything I didnt need out of it, remember that originally it had 2 doors and all sorts of things.

So I cut a further section to incorporate a new idea I had for the front (which you will partially see by the end of this update but not completely by a long shot till, with a bit of luck, the second and final update of today (i.e. tonight).

I then filled it all up with epoxy filler.

Once it was dry I started with what will become a couple of hours of sanding.

Thatīs how it looked yesterday before I called it a day and went out for a drink as I needed to disconnect badly.

Today, I started fresh this morning at around 10am and continued sanding until it was ready.

Next I used a bit of filler for the places where it had created air bubbles and ended up empty and continued sanding until it was as ready as it was ever going to be with the limited timeframe I have left (I no longer feel my hands lol).

Next I cleaned it up and aplied the vinyl (yes the front will be going in that wood look, the same as the PSU).

I thend modified the picture frame I had bought so it will simply slide in and "hug" the bottom and sides of the frontal.


Lastly and more importantly, I aplied all the ageing effects to both the vinyl and the frame and put them togueter.






Later today I will be triming the leftovers and keep on working on the rest of the design of the frontal.

Until then.
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