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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
It would be -at best- just a blip on their radar. The big boys / oem mfg'ers are sucking up everything they can get their hands on (and most now have multi-year contracts in place to ensure THEY get first dibs on anything made)....this is not a demand issue...its a supply issue. As in lack of it. Plus....after that week is up...peeps would go back to buying either Brand A or Brand B....and nothing would change.
And price-wise, those big contracts which assure the OEMs of supply are locked in at high prices. They're paying a premium to ensure supply, and due to the contract that premium will actually increase as supply starts to return and average manufacturing cost drops. Thus the hard drive manufacturers have no incentive to prioritize the retail market over the OEM market; retail contracts are short-term and therefore would drop in price sooner than the OEM contracts (if they were equally supplied).

In economics, the term is "sticky prices."
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