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Default Not complaining...just...?

How is this possible? dropped a 2500k in an ASUS P8Z77-M Pro and booted up.

Loaded up cpu-z and prime 95 to see if everything was fine before I started overclocking...


went and checked everywhere to see if any automated overclocking feature was accidentally activated...couldn't find any. Voltages are also stock Intel spec. It's also been Prime95 stable so far, been running for 5hours now and still going.

How exactly is this possible? Any1 ever experience anything similar? (not that I'm complaining, the last 2500k I overclocked on a "premium" "coughcough" EVGA board that cost nearly twice this one made me work my ass off just to get 200mhz more than this with a decent increase in voltage and temps running about 20C higher even with superior cooling).
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