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My System Specs


Have the Galaxy Note now for a few months and I love it and would do it again. A few 'notes':

- LTE is a bit messed up. I live in an area where LTE is not official, but I do get a signal in some parts of town. When I move in and out of LTE areas often, the Note will lose all connectivity (HSPA, Calls, sms, 3G, etc). You can reboot, or disable LTE to avoid it from happening. Bell employee put me on to this solution, as she had seen it a few times before. If you have Gingerbread, use mobile network settings to select "gsm/hspa(auto)". In ICS, hit *#2263# in the dialer to select "wcdma" and then "wcdma all" to disable LTE and just use HSPA.

- ICS update time is awful. Bell sales person told me end of April, then I was told May, and now its by the end of June. FYI, Telus has just pushed this update back to July....

- GREAT rom and support over at XDA forums. Several to choose from. The new "S-Note" app is awesome. I am using a rom by Team Perfection called Objection: [RoM/THEMES]~[UCLE2]~TEAM PERFECTION'S ICS OBJECTION~6/08->Fast/Gr8 Battery/Instagram - xda-developers I also used one by the Onlyone developers called HYFER that is also very good. Both could be used daily until Canadian carriers get their acts together. Some of these roms include apps and touchwiz from the Galaxy S3, including S-Voice.

- carrying this thing in your pocket is really no big deal. I wear boot-cut jeans and they fit in the pocket easily. Now that I am in cargo shorts its a piece of cake as well.

- tried many screen protectors, and sadly, many of them mess with the S-pen. Forget about a Zagg protector, as it leaves lines in the screen that lasts for days. Tried a Moshi that was generously given to me by a forum member here, but the S-pen lost sensitivity there too. I finally settled on the Glas.t glass protector and it is just like having no protector at all and the S-pen works great. Its is a good $30 though, but worth it. Folks don't believe I have a protector on it.

- got some Andida batteries and a charger on Ebay. They have slightly extra capacity, but I can't notice the difference from stock battery. In any case, I paid about $30 (iirc) for two batteries and a charger. That gives me three batteries.

- got it SIM unlocked for $30. Works on Rogers and Bell so far. Will take it to Asia this summer so I'll report back then.

I have left Apple for good I think. Several other people at work (for those who know my place of employment) are getting the Note or the S3 as their next phone after seeing my Note. Heck, even Kevin O'Leary was gushing over his S3 on Lang and O'Leary Exchange tonight and thinks the S3 and Android blows Apple out of the water at this time.
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