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Im going to assume this is out of warranty. IF its IN warranty...doing this will void it. YMMV...all depends on the data on the drive you need to get off it vs the cost of replacing it.
When you plug it you hear the drive spin up (put your ear right next to, you'll hear a slight whine sound). IF so, its most likely the usb to sata controller (or other part in the chain) that is toast and its an easy fix...replace the enclosure.

In either case.... Yank the drive and plug it into another USB enclosure (preferably a 3.5" one that has ac power adapter to provide lots and lots of juice...but any will do in a pinch). Dont plug it in internally...could fry parts of the rig IF its the hdd. IF its recognized you are good to go. Stick it in a cheap USB enclousre and carry on. :)

If its not. Damn its not good. Most external HDDs die from sudden impact (eg dropping, bumping while running...and other bad things)...and the heads slam into the platters....and the drive becomes DEAD DEAD....not mostly dead. Couple things you could do is the freezer method or replace the PCB with another exact duplicate IF you have one. But they are long shots....worth a try...but loooong shots.
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