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Default No video signal

Hi all.
Long time reader, first time poster.

Sorry if this is a little long.

I've had a 9800GT ultimate installed for a long time.
It's a great card, but it's a little loud.
Decided I'd do an upgrade, of sorts, to an asus GTX550ti, mostly for noise and temp reasons.

Uninstall all Nvidia drivers and Asus utilities. Shut down.
Remove old card.
Plug the new card in, no signal, can't even see bios. Fan is running on card.
Tried the analog output, no signal.

Take the card back to the shop, they plug it into a machine they had there, works fine.
Bring it back home, same thing. Plug my old one back in, no problem.
Grab a new power supply, same thing.

I've switched them in and out a few times to no avail.

Lots of gurus on here, what am I missing?

Some specs ( try not to laugh, she's old ):

Asus m2n-e motherboard
4 gig Corsair XMS ram
Corair HX520w Power supply ( 54 amps , 18amps each on 3 12v rails )
* temp replaced for testing purposes with a Cooler master GX650w ( 52 amps on a single rail ) *
Couple Hard drives
Antec 900 Case ( 4 fans )

Any ideas?
Thanks for your time.
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