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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Ouch. Brainwashing FTL. I feel your pain. At HP we did similar crap and no one...absolutely NO ONE took it seriously....even the trainers. I guess HP has (had) more a sense of humor than Apple (and boy is THAT saying something). :(

...though next about hackintosh and how its the best of both worlds....and soooooo easy to do that even a trained monkey could do it....maybe even include a link for them to "discover". :P
That does sound like fun haha, my Favorite was when they came in and inspected my work space and yelled at me for not using 2 Cinema Displays. I looked at my Rep and told him "Really I need to spend ******* 2k on display's to document repairs and order on MSN? Are you going to reimburse me??? NO? ok I will stick with my 2 refurbished 27" displays from Asus they gave me for free" ******* apple haha

But their new sales reps are fun to bug. They just hired a new Sales Manager for North America.. She has only been using macs for 11 months, never been in the IT world before and tries to tell us in a city of 30k that we should sell minimum 1k macs more a month. At that moment I told her, "How might I achieve this?" she had the Go Nads to tell me "Oh you work at a Apple Store Macs Sell themselves" I then got up from the table and asked her to find me a new rep.
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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