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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AkG View Post
My will be the "revolutionary", "ground breaking", all new "iSue" with 100% litigation built right in....with a catchy new tune to help sell it to the sheeple and a slogan of "All you base belongs to us" :P

After all what has Apple done since SJs death besides sue everyone.
Damn right skippy, we cant wait.. every time apple comes out with the next POS we get a influx of used macs, we make more on one used mac then 10 new ones. plus Apple will make us do exams and they are a great waste of a week. The questions go like this

"A customer asks you why do I need a new Mac"
A:Because your old one is a week old and cant run the new OS.
B:Because You cant think for yourself and want to be part of the unwashed masses.
C:Because Apple User's like yourself love to waste money on things they dont need.
D:All of the above

Its pretty much always all of the above.

My Favorite part of training is the part where you have to talk about your life experiences with mac and why you enjoy your mac more then a PC.. My Short answer from 3 months ago

"Tell us in a few words why your enjoy your mac over any PC experience you have had"

I enjoy the fact the 13" Macbook pro you gave me for completing my apple training, went for 1k and fast on CL the day after you gave it to me, I also enjoy how Lion fried the Logic board on my wife's Macbook 2010 so my wife stole my gaming PC and I had to buy a new one and now we only have PC's in our house and everything works the way it should.

Mark at Apples Reply.

"John that is not the correct answer, We have decided to minus five points off your sales training, Please treat your sales training more serious in the future"

Oh Apple your a sad company haha
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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