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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Maybe the voltage settings are fubarred on the software?

Not sure if the EVGA software will run on non-EVGA products, but Afterburner will.
You need to register for evga's site then tell them what chip and manufacturer the card is and agree to a waiver of damage but you can download from EVGA.
Will update here with my findings for oc'ing

Considering the new way of ocing... my main aim should be for max tdp... then just bump the target mhz till it becomes unstable, then boost the voltage, rinse repeat till it become un-workable or no increase and drop it back a lil for 24/7 oc?
do the same with the memory after and find a good combo a lil under the max available?
What kind of voltage should I be looking at before I go too far on a 670 (Asus DCII)

I'm not very familiar with this oc style and haven't found any good guides as of yet.. :(
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