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My System Specs


Originally Posted by michaelubc View Post

It is true that you can get away with the 660 watt power supply, but for me personally, I'd get the higher wattage power supply unless you intend to keep your system exactly the way it is now.

For example, What happens if down the road, you wanted to upgrade to another 1-video card setup but it was more power hungry than your current proposed 7870 or 660 graphics card? Then in this case, 660 watt power supply may not be enough down the road.
Have to disagree... newer cards are LESS power hungry than older ones. I believe with this very high quality PSU he will be good on pretty much any single chip GPU for a hellofalong time.. or at least till he replaces the whole rig.

unless the manufacturers do a U turn on recent progression then he's very safe with the 660 watt which will run a 680 and overclocks.
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