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My System Specs


Part of the problem with the corp/public sector is that there is a huge trend now of BYOD (bring your own device). Because of this we are pretty much guarenteed to have devices with Windows 8 on them. Now that is not really such a bad thing with regards to tablets and phones since it would make things easier for connecting to shares, printers and such.

What drives me nuts is that I am worried that there are people who will want to start switching others over to Win 8. No I have already stated to others I work with including my boss that I will not switch people to Win 8 over Win 7 as it will just cause way more issues. I mean I had enough issues just getting people to switch from office 07 to office 10, can you imagine the kickback from something like this?

But like AkG said, only if they come out with a Win 8 DE version that gives us the start menu back and keeps aero will I even consider switching. It kind of sucks a bit too, as I do really like the new task manager in 8.
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