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My System Specs

Default maybe AHCI issue?

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Allright, appreciate the help. Big time. Couldn't have been an issue w/XP because my game hard drive is XP (SP3), I'm using it now after the ol' maxtor that came w/this rig suddenly died, probably due to imaging and cloning experimentation lately. Really close call but luckily I got all the data off it right before.

All channels are set to native IDE but here's the thing: if my XP drive uses IDE then I want to install 7 Pro 64b on this newer drive using IDE so I don't have to change anything when I pop in a different drive.

Tried installing 7 & it doesn't recognize any drive and apparently wants AHCI driver so I dl that and can put it on usb drive. But I don't understand why 7 disc doesn't just install the normal driver and continue. The drive tray is simply a physical connection. GB instructions tell me for ahci driver "pre-install" in bios to set: fail safe defaults, optimized defaults (& onchip sata type to ahci), and cable the drive to port 0, optical to port 4. Optical is an IDE.

Q - Does it matter which port the hard drive is on? I figure Bios's are pretty smart nowadays. The problem with no post was only when doing an install, and using the tray. I only have one drive in at a time, in the tray. Normally. If I can get the 7 install disc to recognize the new samsung - in the tray or on another cable/port I think it'll function in the tray after installation. I'll try the other port/cables and see.

Thanks for the interest people, it must something about the install process, obviously.


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