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Bill Gates hasnt be an active part of MS in a loooong time. This turd is all Balmers doing (just like the ribbon w/out any classic mode was his idea...that B G actually brought up when asked and was over ruled as it being "too difficult" to add in). But yeah Billy boy is and always will be a douche....just one who is trying to buy his way into heaven the old...OLD fashioned way.

Tablets may indeed be a part of the future...but desktop rigs (with no touch screen interface)...aint going anywhere for a looong time. MS shot their load about 5 versions to soon (and even then...backwards compatibility would have been crucial to its success).

Only way to save this is IF they come out with a "Win 8 DE" in Win 8 Desktop Edition. No corp is going to touch this, no enthusiast PC user is going to touch this...and most home users are going to HATE this. In the mean time I will wait for WIn 9 as Windows 7 is "good enough"...just like XP was.
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