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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JD View Post
On the Yate Loons, yes. The 3pin is not needed unless you want to know what the RPM is of the fan.

For the Gentle Typhoons, they should of came with 3pin to molex adapters. You can use those. You could also plug them into the case's fan controller.

Also your PSU should have an 8pin PCIe. Do not use that molex adapter.
I bought the gentle typhoons used, so there were no adapters unfortunately.

I seem to be confused about daisy chaining the fans. I just tried (I guess not very hard).

I put #1 fan male molex into PSU cable female molex. I then put #1 fan female molex into #2 fan male molex.

From here I am confused because all four molex connectors on the PSU cable are female only. How do I continue the daisy chain?

Do both molex connectors on each fan need to be connected in order to function?

Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
3 pin is power and control on most fans (or at least fans with only the 3 pin)

p.s. on the gpu power.
isn't there at least 2 X 6+2pin (you can use them as 6 or 8 pin connectors) gpu connectors from the PSU?
With a modern PSU you really shouldn't have to use molex adapters for a single card.
You are correct about the connectors from the PSU. Now I know I can use that at least until the proper the braided cable arrives. :D
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