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My System Specs


Well, its only moot until I sell it and buy the 7970.

I do plan on running 3 monitors, but only the Catleap 1440p for gaming. Is this a game changer?

Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
You would only need 3GB of VRAM if you're running 3 or 6 monitors. For a single monitor, even a 27" or a 30", 2GB will be more than enough video memory. Hell, even 1GB is most likely enough for any single monitor (30" might be pushing it though).

Amount of video memory is NOT indicative of card performance. I just bought a 5450 that says 1GB on the box, but in actuality the card has 1/20 the performance of a 6850. So in otherwords, even though it's 'a 1GB video card' it's actually incapable of running even the most basic game. Another example: the GTX680 2GB blows the 7970 3GB out of the water in almost every metric. The only place it might fall short is when running two or three of them together in order to drive three or six monitors.

You want to look for is the number of graphics cores, ROPs, and texture units, as well as the overall efficiency and power consumption of the card. Look at the reviews to determine which card suits your needs best.

GTX670 Review

However, since you've already purchased a 670, all this should be moot point, right?
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