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Originally Posted by trayton View Post
Funny how we are suppose to be protected from this yet every company out there does it but gas companies seem to be the biggest culprits but also a good money maker for our governments.
Yup damn gas companies. Nice how on the news they are talking about how the price of oil is slipping and not as high as it was and was expected to be, yet we are paying more at the pumps then we ever have. All the while the companies post record profits every quarter.

Now back on topic, a perfect example of where prices were and where they are now is a drive that I had purchased just shortly before the floods. I got a WD 3TB green and I paid $129.99 for it. Now from the same store for the same drive it is listed at $169.99 and that is $10 off. So really sticker price we are looking at a $50 increase, which works out to about a 38% increase.
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