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Personally, I think BS like this can only delay the inevitable....and pisses off people who are NOT hardcore fanbois. While yes Apple has a lot of fanbois, their rocket to the top was via avg joes...who dont care too much about brands (they care more about keeping up with the jonses, fashion item, etc). If their shiny new Apple is shown to be inferior to their friends Samsung, HTC, etc BY their firends...they will go with THAT brand next time...and Apple will go back to being a niche mfg'er catering to their small core of fanbois. Its also becoming LESS fashionable to have apple instead of some of the other tech (as the other mfg'ers catch up on style AND advertising). IMHO this is why they are doing all this as the board of directors see the writing on the wall and want to milk this run for all its worth...then use their golden parachute and retire rich. The OTHER thing that is wrong with the US system. :(
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