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Default 140mm fan CPU coolers?


After installing my components into my new Corsair 500R, I ran into an issue of clearance between the rear exhaust fan and my CPU cooler (Thermalright AXP-140). I just put a new 140mm Bitfenix fan on it, and really prefer the 140mm to a 120mm (Noctua previously). I've been looking around at 140mm compatiblie coolers, but don't want something a.) Very Expensive, or B.) Super Wide. I am not against water cooling, but most systems use 120mm rads, and my top 2 spots are taken by 140mm exhaust already, so I don't want to remove those.

Is there much out there that can take a 140mm fan that doesn't already come with 1 or isn't the size of a Noctua D14?

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