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Originally Posted by bissa View Post
you much not listen to music that has a particularly broad in the range of tones it uses. I used to think this too until I decided to listen to the same copy of in the hall of the mountain kind in MP3 and FLAC. until this point I had only listened to it in MP3, I heard 2 flute sections and a bass drum I had never heard before.
This is where most people don't see the difference as they would need side-by-side comparison and possibly even particular sounds pointed out to them in order for them to notice.
I worked with a few bands as roadie.. also did some studio work and it wasn't until I was shown what to listen for that I realized the difference in quality.

That said I'm still not an audiophile but I can understand and to a point hear what they are looking for (or to avoid) to some extent..

I remember pointing out something in a song similar to what you have just said.. in 1 track or system you could hear extra detail or it was a much warmer base sound (can't really remember what it was now) but the other person couldn't tell the difference even when pointed out.

point being not everyone either has the hearing to hear the differences or the training? experience? to notice.
And would also depend on the audio devices that they were using when listening to the 2 tracks

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