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My System Specs


After trying different drivers, stock and reduced clocks etc without any change to the situation I un-installed GPU tweak... didn't have a single crash for 1 day.

So I figured maybe it was a bad version/install so I downloaded it again and installed.. 15 mins after reboot and it crashed.
That said this time it was a black screen and I had a decent oc on it. Here is hoping that it was pushing the oc too high(though I was hoping for 1100Mhz rather than the 1070 or the 6300 on memory I had it at)

Other than a dodgy card / PSU (going to switch psu from the CM 750 watt to my slightly older Antec TX650 when I'm home in Aug) can anyone think of anything obvious that I can try..
Is there any settings in the NV control panel that may help? I'm going to try setting it so that it doesn't try idle or save power today and see if it makes it more stable

I bought the card cos of the cooler.. Which should allow me to push oc's past the reference version.. But at the moment it seems to be crashing cos of the oc utility. I hate when shit just doesn't work.. :(
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