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Hey Cazushio,

I just want to give you my input on the Seasonic power supplies. I just recently upgraded to the Seasonic X-1250 and I'll give you my perspectives.

I have no problems whatsoever with my power supply and the hybrid feature on my Seasonic power supply is awesome and works great. Having the ability to turn off the fan, say during web browsing, makes the power supply dead silent as the fan doesn't spin. Even with the Sanyo Denki San Ace Silent spinning on load, the fan is super quiet: no vibrations, coil whine, super smooth operation.

The PSU, power supply unit, is superb. The voltage tolerances on the Seasonic power supplies are very tight. As with all power supply companies you get some DOA PSUs or duds but Seasonic is probably one of the best companies to build power supplies and fewest quality problem PSUs.

The AX850 is I believe built by Seasonic and so is the XFX 1250W watt, not sure about the other ones by XFX. For example, The AX1200 is not built by Seasonic which therefore isn't suprising why quality issues exist on this power supply. The XFX 1250 Watt is built by Seasonic and is essentially identical to my Seasonic X-1250 but it has voltage ripples dissimiliar to my Seasonic X-1250 so even though they are built by the same company, there are quality differences.

Most people have been very happy with the AX850 but if you can get a Seasonic with the same wattage, I still would choose the Seasonic over Corsair AX850. The main con for Seasonic as with all quality products is the "price" and there aren't many sales or discounts on Seasonic products.

If absolute "quietness" is part of your criteria for a PSU, then I choose Seasonic. I am really happy with my Seasonic PSU.

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