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There is a broken pci-e retention clip , and a broken usb header (just one side of the plastic).I'm pretty sure I broke it when I was trying to get connectors into it with a video card in the last slot.

I admit , it's quite possible my attempt to use this header is the direct cause of the failure.I had to custom make a connector to make it work....

....I bought that damn motherboard specifically to do a 1-4-7 tri-SLI....and when I got it I find that all the connectors on the mobo are inaccessable when a card is in the last slot.

So while I'm willing to admit it's possibly my fault , I feel like a victim of false advertising all the same.It wouldnt be broken if it did'nt have that issue.


Not sure what I'm going to do......I'm going to email asus and plead my case and beg for mercy.
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