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My System Specs


Well I just got mine today after ordering it 3 weeks ago.

Did some tests.

ALL benchmarks are at maxed settings at 1920x1080


Heaven 3.0
FPS 58
Score 1460
Min 23.3
Max 135.9

60.16 AVG

Shogun 2 Total War GPU benchmark 1080p high

GTX 690 stock

Heaven 3.0
FPS 86.6
Score 2183
Min 37.5
Max 211.5

80.38 AVG

Shogun 2 Total War 1080p High

Gtx 690 power target 135%

Heaven 3.0

FPS 85.8
Score 2161
Min 40.3
Max 216.1

Well thats it for now. If anyone wants me to do a benchmark I will do it if I have it.

The "OC" isn't very good. It actually lowers performance although for some reason min FPS increased. Could be a fluke as it was a one time test so not scientific. I have read a lot of people share the same experience that power target at 135% lowers performance.

One thing to note. While benchmarking the 690 felt smoother in the 3 games I tested. I can hardly wait for tomorrow to do more but am incredibly tired. Only 5 hours of sleep and work in construction and I have to wake up in 6 more hours haha.

So far I am impressed but was hoping for a bit more performance jump. Don't get me wrong a 50% increase is massive but one can dream.

Another thing that is awesome! The fan is so quiet and cool. It idles at 34 and under furmark at 80. Even at 80 degrees it is still pretty dam quiet especially compared to stock 480's. My 480's stock would reach 105 degrees and would be very loud even with headphones on. My 480's are water cooled but the 690 is still a lot quieter and still acceptably cool.

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