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My System Specs

Smile Physx

Ok folks I need help. Never set up a dedicated physx card b4.

I'll be trying it on my daughter's system. Specs are: 980x ES base clock 2.4 oced to 3.07.

Ultra chiltec cooler, Asus P6X58D-E mobo, 6gbs of OCZ 1333 ram, Kingston Now SSD for OS.

Main card is an EVGA GTX 570. We have a GT 520 to use for physx.

I've tried to find help online and even the Nvidia site doesn't have the info I need. Waiting for a response from


I figured the experts on here could help me a little quicker. Simply need a site that explains how to set it up.

Thanx in advance!!!

Edit: Just got a reply from Nvidia Support. WOW, that was quick....

I could still use any helpful info, just in case.

Wow, Do I feel f#%^#g stupid.

What a difference. Had to do it twice, as it picked up the hardware but wouldn't recognize it????

Pulled, re-installed, recognized on 2nd installation??? wtf. At least it's working!

Mods plz delete this silly thread.

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