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Originally Posted by JD View Post
It is possible that it's a hardware failure at this point if it's not booting up. How long have you let it run for? Sometimes it does take quite a while before it finally finishes booting. The GT-i9000M was infamous for the internal SD failing and I had it happen to me but was able to get the phone replaced thankfully.
I think 15-30mins long and sometime i let it till the battery drain (overnight) hoping it would boot!
Any other firmware i could try to flash before shipping to repair service?

I have 2 of these phones, and 1 was a bad batch and they replaced the pcb while under warranty.
I had red text showing can't mount sdcard but with this newer phone, i dont have any errors showing and yet it cannot boot..

How do you know for sure its a Hardware failure? Will they still repair it out of warranty and any idea how much would it cost? I will call them tonight..

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