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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Heh... what do you consider a "weak" DPS for a lvl 57 hell barb? I'm currently Act 1 hell lvl 57 and doing around 1600 DPS w/ 2% damage back to life. I've started trying to focus on resistance as it's critical for the later points in the game, however I suspect I should consider dumping my legendary armour for something slightly closer to my level.

Well..found a 270 dps axe, so with my current strengh, I'm doing around 3200 dps. It's okay when I'm solo, but with 3 other's more challenging. I'm also trying to get more resist, just found a good pair of glove yesterday with +22 to all resist.

I'm waiting for lvl 60 to actually shop in the AH for a better DPS weapon with IAS for my frenzy

Back up - Ebay (Inik1) or Heatware
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