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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
I really hate the idea of RMA. I can't be bothered to spend 50% of the retail price on shipping for RMA. Then what happens the 2nd time it needs an RMA?

I will definitely have to look into the sennheisers. I have heard the name mentioned all too often.

The Roccat Kave's defnitely look nice and I have been eyeing up their products for a while. The only thing that turns me off of that is the USB.
In my opinion, the Roccat Kave's are a very good set of 5.1 analog headphones. The USB plug,is for power only. The Kave's plug straight into your sound card. Many here will say 5.1 analog headphones are a gimmick,but I say different. 5.1 analog is a true surround. I have a set of Kave's as well as several other sets of 5.1 analog headphones including my all time best of the best Psyko Carbon. If your budget is in the $100 range,take a close look at the Tritton Hda's and the Kaves. These headphones take a bit of time to "burn in" properly,but once done,they kick ass compared to stereo headphones. A while back,the negatives of 5.1 headphones may have been true. Today however,speaker technology has advanced considerably. I don't care what anybody says,..5.1 analog surround is the ONLY way to go for gamers. Now,we have 7.1 analog in the form of the Asus ROG Phoebus headphones. My wife bought me a set and they are scheduled for delivery today. I will let all here know how 7.1 compares to 5.1. Get a set of 5.1's. You won't be sorry.
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