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Well if you want to get decent frame rates with all the eye candy on in eyefinity you're going to want to want two cards. Mainly as you will be driving 3 times as many pixels in eyefinity then in normal single monitor gaming mode, this can put a lot of strain on a single card.

Also, 3 monitor gaming is where you want to have as much video ram (memory) as possible as a lot of games use between 1.5-2GB when in eyefinity/surround. Meaning I wouldn't really recommend using an AMD 7770 to drive eyefinity if on again you want all the eye candy on. You'll probably have to settle to low to maybe mid res. Personally I'd recommend going with 79xx series cards or 670/680 in sli (or the 690) as they will be able to handle everything you can throw at it. Eyefinity/surround is typically a more expensive experience then single card gaming, and cheaping out will result in a poor experience with them.

In order for eyefinity to work, one of your three displays must be connected by/via display port, either to a display port native monitor, or using an active display port to dvi adapter. There is no other way around it, and it will not work otherwise.
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