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The V4 is a good drive with a lot of potential. Only time and firmware updates will tell IF that potential is reached...but yeah its a GOOD drive.

when it comes to lifespan...there is no hard and fast rules...other parts besides the NAND can die....but yeah I like to reduce needless writes as just 'cause it comes with a N year warranty does NOT mean that I want to replace it at N+1 day. Most things I recommend dont impact performance all that much...but can reduce needless writes. So its win-win. If you are REALLY worried about lifespan...over-provision the drive. IE make your partition smaller than its full capacity. I routinely turn 240GB'ers (which are really 256GB'ers) into 200GB'ers. That way the drive has PLENTY of free nand blocks to use as blocks "die". 56GB's is EXTREME and there is no need of it...but I doubt I will run out of free blocks before I replace the i am VERY hard on ssds. For most peeps 8-10GB and leave 15% free (hard MINIUM) will leave plenty of room for the wear leveling routines to work their magic.

Ram drives are fun to play with...but mainly meh. Will you notice 1 second load time vs 2 seconds? I doubt it outside some very specific niches. Same for scratch disks...I have NEVER noticed a dif between using a SSD and a HDS in Photoshop CS5....maybe for movie making it makes sense but that falls under the heading of USEFUL writes. Ie...Basically dont be afraid to USE the ssd....just dont do stupid things like have your "downloads" get written to the SSD. Keep time sensitive data on the SSD and the rest on a HDD. You will get a FAST system that should last a long time. TBH the only "hard" decisions when it comes to what to put where (most are no brainers when you think about them) are games. Stick the games you use the MOST on the SSD the rest on HDDs and move them as necessary. :)
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