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My System Specs


thanks for the advice AkG i already bought the vertex 4, so hopefully that was an ok choice.

so what about lifespan then? what would the difference in overall lifespan be between a person who carefully manages all the cache and temp stuff and makes an effort to follow your good advice, and someone who is doing the opposite and putting all that stuff on the ssd intentionally so it will be faster. would those two people even be able to see the difference in performance on a day to day basis?

also, can i do anything with all this ram to help the situation further? shouldnt having a ton of ram automatically reduce the amount of caching software needs to do? what about a ram drive? could i point photoshop/ae/premiere at a ram drive for its work/cache directory? seems smarter to move things 'up' into fast memory than to move them 'down' to a slow hdd...
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