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For your first enthusiast grade SSD I would recomend the Intel 520. Its basically bullet proof in that the toolbox will ensure that the drive stays fast...even if TRIM gets messed up (and it does happen).

User data...meh. Not worth it. Leave it on the SSD. Back in the day when we were dealing with 20-50+ write amplification...every little bit .6 - 1.6 write amp is nothing to worry about. :)

Page file. Yeah this one I still do. Its wasted on the drive, BUT if you have 16GB of Ram its unlkely to ever be really used all that much so YMMV.

Adobe need to move IT off...all you need do is config it to NOT use the SSD for its cache drive (its in the settings. set it to use D. E....X...all the hdds you have attached). It only takes a couple seconds.

With all that being said....with modern SSDs you really do not have to do ANYTHING and its unlikely that you will kill it while it is still under warranty (ie 5 years for a 520)....and if you are unlucky enough Intel/Crucial/etc have down right PAINLESS rma's. ;)
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