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Default ssd questions

right now i am one step away from finishing my new pc (waiting for out of stock video card) and im doing some research on the 'new' things my new pc brings that i dont have any experience with. having an ssd (vertex 4) is one of them. i have been told a lot of things from a lot of people/sites regarding setting up and using an ssd, and a lot of it seems contradictory. im hoping some locals can clear this up for me, or at least give me the info i need to make my choices 'properly'.

first off, i have been told to move my user data off the ssd (/docs & settings/username). the logic behind this is that the temp folders/app data etc see a lot of write activity/wear and tear on an ssd. after being told that, i looked it up and found sites which both agree and disagree on this. it sounds logical enough, but moving stuff off the ssd also means you are not getting the benefit of using one in the first place doesnt it?

another one was the page file. i read that when using an ssd that you should move the page file to a storage drive, or disable it completely if you have enough ram (i have 32 gb). again, its a matter of having the ssd and not using it, or trying to balance wear/lifespan/actually using it for things. i cant imagine dipping into the page file at all with 32 gb of ram but who knows...never hurts to ask right?

the last one, which is the most important to me, is adobe creative suite. i have seen people online recommend that you move photoshop (ae/premiere too) onto storage drives because they heavily cache to their work directories and (theoretically) chew up ssds in the process. again though, if im working with a 4 gig chunk of video, i want to access it as fast as possible.

so can anyone clear this up for me? i want to try to maximize the lifespan of this drive, but i dont want to park it in my case and not get any benefit from it...are the above 'tips' i have gathered even remotely valid? is everyone talking out their ass? what is the average lifespan of an ssd? if i follow all the advice on prolonging its lifespan, how much longer would it live compared to me just beating on it all day with no regard?

thanks for any advice
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